Looking for top quality vinyl and music related items? Click on my auction button below and begin following my weekly listings of vinyl records (LP's, 45's, 78's), compact discs, sheet music, stereo components and other music related items. An established global auction business I constantly strive to provide some of the cleanest condition items on Ebay, to include eclectic and mainstream items, individual listings and amazing Bargain clearance Lots, all listed to sell at realistic fair value opening bid offers. Thank you, I look forward to your visits.

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Often times families do not know where to turn seeking professional assistance when confronted with liquidating ones estate and finding the proper course to sell large music collections or other collectable items. Few estate liquidators are qualified to evaluate record and music related collections or have the experience and knowledge to sell your items properly. I am an experienced and qualified professional appraiser of vintage records for over 40 years and always interested in professionally auctioning large and specialized record collections to include private collections, estate or inheritance and quality retail store stock. You will always get more money for your records and collectibles by having them professionally auctioned by a qualified seller who knows how to categorize your items, and maximize your return. Knowing what to sell separately and what to sell in a lot is a skill few sellers understand. As one of the most reputable and reliable sellers on ebay my listings attract many of the world's high end collectors on a regular basis. A professional seller who has a reputation of quality and trust, knows how to create an informative and intelligent description and is capable of understanding the strategy of listing similar compatible items will always attract a final value price that will exceed that of a large retail outlet operation or novice seller. Never settle for a quick cash purchase and stay away from powersellers and eBay brokers or drop off sites that sell a wide variety of items and know very little about vintage records. Always feel free to contact me if you think you need experienced professional guidance and assistance in evaluating and selling your records and collectable items.

At his time I am only working within the Chicagoland area and rural Midwest. It is simply too difficult for me to travel outside of a 200 mile radius. Exceptions can be considered for certain high end vintage collections. Appraisal fees are determined by distance and time and often times are discounted if we reach an agreement for me to sell. Please click on my e-mail link above and contact me with a brief description of what you have and where you are located. Please provide your phone number and a time of day when it is convenient for us to talk. Thank you.

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